Become a VIPS Doctor

Paving a Path to Independent Success

Going it alone in the world of private practice can be an overwhelming cycle of trial and error. A start-up practice is expensive to set up, and can be slow to become profitable. Joining the VIPS team provides the business model, the efficient systems, the personal support, and the mentorship you need to build your own successful practice as a part of VIPS.

Comprehensive practice support and administrative resources make owning your own traveling dental practice simple for VIPS doctors. The resources available to our doctors for every area of practice management are more complete than that available to most private practices. From accounting and payroll, to marketing your business, to regulatory compliance systems…your VIPS team has all bases covered.

Proven Business Model

For more than 25 years, the VIPS dental business model has produced reliable, consistent results for member dentists. Our surgical providers are called “client doctors." Client doctors build their practices by growing a roster of “hosting offices” that refer patients for in-house surgical care by our client doctors--their own virtual associates.

Marketing and Practice Growth Support

Growing your practice is hard work. Our marketing department has everything you need to brand, market, and promote your practice. We provide all the printed marketing materials you need to promote your practice and to communicate your message to patients and new hosts. Each of our doctors is provided with a customized website designed for both patients and hosting offices. Online marketing services are available as well. Doctors may choose to utilize a personalized blog and/or social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram to promote their practice online.

Dental & Medical Insurance Support

Our administrative team provides full-time support for your business needs, and our systems make it simple to manage overhead, regulatory compliance, and cash flow. Our proprietary practice management software makes it simple to schedule patients and to maintain records, while remaining HIPAA compliant. Our Insurance Help Desk provides immediate assistance to hosting offices in all areas of dental insurance management. If you did all of these things on your own, you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars and end up managing the people and systems rather than doing the surgeries you love.

Work-Life Balance

A VIPS dentist owns his own dental practice, sets his own schedule, and can work as much or as little as he wants. Because nearly all the administrative headaches associated with owning a practice are managed by our VIPS team of professionals, and because there is lower overhead to meet, a great deal of flexibility is built into our business model. All of our doctors make a higher-than-average salary working 5-8 hours a day, 3-5 days per week.

Low Overhead & High Productivity

One of the best things about the VIPS business model is the flexibility that accompanies low practice overhead. Our home team of practice management and administrative professionals, accountants, and legal consultants take care of administration, payroll, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Our marketing professionals make growing your practice simple and productive. With all our administrative support, a VIPS dentist spends more time taking care of patients. Our dentists employ 2-4 dental assistants each. With no mortgage or rent, building maintenance, utility bills, and other costly overhead expenses, full-time VIPS dentists are far more profitable than the average dental practice.

Exclusive VLink™ Software

Keeping track of your schedule and patient records is simple and organized with our proprietary software designed specifically for the VIPS Dental business model. hosting offices can schedule patients, transfer patient records and X-rays, and generate emails through our secure, HIPAA-compliant servers.

Stay safe within the minefield of data privacy requirements knowing that your patient’s protected health information is secure with rock-solid encryption and data security measures. You can access your VLink™ account anywhere--on a desktop, a tablet, or even on your phone.

Experienced Team of Experts in Every Aspect of your Business

Our members mentor and support each other, network about clinical cases, and communicate about running a mobile practice on a daily basis. That kind of mentorship is a valuable asset.

Every practice has different needs, and when it comes to practice support, our team can provide consulting to you or your hosting offices in areas such as:

In addition to regular mentorship and support, VIPS provides its members with state-of-the-art educational opportunities including private instruction by some of the country’s leading educators in surgery and anesthesia. 

Improved Profitability/Rate of Growth

In today’s dental business environment, going it alone in private practice is a bigger risk than ever. There are more dentists, more group practices, and more corporate dental companies competing for the same patients. Dental insurance companies dictate treatment for patients, and reimbursements continue to decline, while the cost of doing business increases. Aligning yourself with a business model that has proven to maintain a high profit margin, a desirable work-life balance, and satisfying clinical practices is good advice.

Low Overhead

One of the most attractive things about being a VIPS dentist is having the luxury of owning a low overhead practice. The average VIPS practice maintains a much lower overhead than a traditional brick and mortar practice. With no building, rent, maintenance, utilities, phone systems, computer systems, or staff (other than your assistants), the opportunity to be more profitable than the average traditional practice is enormous. For VIPS dentists, low overhead means more flexibility in work schedule and higher profitability. In addition to keeping overhead low by having a “virtual office,” our dentists enjoy significant savings on dental supplies through our purchasing group. One dentist alone cannot qualify for volume discounts on dental supplies, but a large group certainly can!

Passive Income Opportunities

Being a part of VIPS Dental has perks that go beyond all the administrative and practice-building resources available to you. VIPS offers an opportunity for “passive” income whereby established client doctors can receive a percentage of the collections of other doctors that you allow into your designated practice area.

Professional Bookkeeping

The VIPS accounting department will take care of all your professional bookkeeping needs, including posting charges and payments. All billing and accounts payable activities are managed by our bookkeeper. Payroll and employment taxes are also managed by the accounting department. All client doctors receive monthly metrics reports detailing their production and collections activity, analyzing trends in hosting office utilization, and keeping a finger on the pulse of your practice.

Regulatory Compliance Systems

VIPS Dental has consulted experts in every aspect of State and Federal compliance in order to develop a system of operations that meets and exceeds requirements for dental practices. Our administrative team helps you stay current with your various licenses and training by tracking your expiration dates and by sending reminders when it’s time for renewal. In addition, continuing education opportunities exist within VIPS to ensure that your team is receiving the appropriate continuing education. Our recordkeeping and reporting systems are compliant when properly utilized. In addition, our exclusive VLink™ software program is secure and HIPAA compliant.