VIPS Doctor Testimonials

“Before VIPS, when I was doing general dentistry with a little surgery here and there, I didn’t enjoy going to work all the time. Now that I get to focus solely on surgery, it is easy to go to work. VIPS has allowed me to do exactly what I love every day (surgery) and still have the ability to spend the time outside of work doing what I enjoy (spending time with my family.) The old adage is true…if you find what you love and can make money doing it, you will never work another day of your life. This is how I feel, and I am thankful that VIPS has helped me make this happen.”

Heath Snell, DDS Gilbert, AZ

“When I became a VIPS dentist, I had already been attempting my own traveling extraction practice for the previous nine years. I didn’t have proven systems in place, and I felt like an island in the practice of dentistry. When I finally joined VIPS, I immediately began reaping the benefits of having proven systems in place and discovered a community of like-minded practitioners. My practice has flourished under the VIPS model, and I now get to love what I am doing without the frustrations of having to figure things out for myself. My only regret is not having the VIPS model from the start. So take it from me, do not try to reinvent the wheel when the wheel is already there and ready to take you on a great ride!”

K. Scott Williams, DDS Allen, TX

"You can find no other support structure for a traveling practice like at VIPS. A traveling practice has its own set of overhead and benefits. VIPS helps maximize the benefits and minimize the costs. If you seriously want to start a traveling practice, joining VIPS is a no brainer."

Jon Greene, DDS Schertz,TX

"I have been with VIPS for over a year, and it has been one of the most enriching and exciting years so far. Their network, business model, and vision are phenomenal. The amount of experience I have gained in just a year is more than what regular periodontists acquire over three-to-four years. Each day is different so there is no monotony, and there is a lot of opportunity to grow your income. I highly recommend becoming a VIPS doctor.”

Nauman Quamar, BDS Allen, TX